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KEA Chatbot
KEA Chatbot

Meet KEA – the AI-powered learning experience platform

In an agile business environment you need equally agile corporate training solutionsthat helps you get the most out of your employee training and development initiatives.

  • Need softwarethat can ease onboarding of employees or customers?

  • KEA can do that and in the most engaging and personalized way.

Is Your Workforce Training Solution

  • Affecting productivity?

  • Not engaging for the learner?

  • Unresponsive to changing learner and company needs?

  • Too complex to be adaptive?

KEA is Much More Than a Corporate
Training Solution

KEA is much more than employee training and onboarding software. When you choose KEA for all your corporate learning needs, you get:

Faster Content Creation

Integrate existing content, create new content, update information, add interactive elements and more, quickly and easily.

Enhanced Learner Engagement

Offer a completely customized learning experience with the AI and machine learning powered personal learning facilitator.

Analytics and Reports

Track and monitor content usage, learner progress and much more to gain maximum benefits from workplace training programs.

Onboarding - Employee and Customer

Need to quickly onboard a new hire or a new client? It’s easy with an interactive, engaging, intuitive AI-based solution.

Learning in the Flow of Work

This extremely flexible and adaptable platform, helps organizations use their existing content and experts to facilitate learning in the flow of work.


Our thoughts on AI and corporate learning

Say Hello to Kea!

Your Personal AI-Powered Learning Facilitator

Kea assesses user behavior to align learning resources with each individual’s skill set, career aspirations and learning patterns.

KEA Chatbot
  • Recommend resources relevant to each employee’s learning goals
  • Infer the preferred time for learning from user activity to schedule notifications
  • Recommend the latest and most relevant content, based on the user’s search history and preferences
  • Understand learning patterns to tailor resource recommendations, including content types most favored, such as video, text, images, etc.
  • Make relevant content discoverable

KEA makes online corporate training

more engaging with the transformational power of AI

Enhance the learning experience through seamless integration with most standard corporate LMSs.

Convert existing training documents, videos, PowerPoints and more into “trackable” content, to follow progress on the module.

Use the AI-powered learning facilitator to simplify the learning process and provide the most relevant content.

Capture learner responses to predict course efficacy, learning patterns and preferred content formats with powerful insights and analytics.

Uses NLP to auto-generate tags for content and resources so learners can find the most relevant information quickly.

High degree of customizability for your specific employee training and development needs.

Make corporate learning and onboarding processes future proof with the AI-powered, cloud-based, learning experience platform – KEA

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Retaining Talent - A Guide to Nurturing the Gen Z Workforce

What’s inside:

  • The Gen Z Workforce
  • What Gen Z Wants
  • The Need for Continued Learning
  • How to Retain Talent?
  • Applying AI to Learning & Development

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