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Win customer loyalty by providing them all the information they need in an engaging and personalized way.

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onboarding new clients

The Kea Business Advantage

Kea is an AI-powered learning experience software that eases the process of onboarding new customers.


Unmatched Accessibility

Provide customer onboarding online, on the device of your customer’s choice, with anytime, anywhere access.


Lower Onboarding Costs

Save time, effort and costs that would otherwise be needed for one-to-one or print-based customer onboarding.


Excellent Adaptability

With our flexible and customizable customer onboarding solution, you can ensure highest levels of engagement.


Robust Analytics

Make informed decisions with robust analytics to take your customer onboarding initiatives to the next level.

Win Loyal Customers

Offer interesting and engaging means to access information about your products through an intuitive customer engagement platform.

improved customer engagement

Improved Engagement

Personalize the experience for every customer with an AI-powered learning facilitator that ensures high engagement.

onboarding solutions easy access

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Offer customers access to your onboarding solutions on multiple devices, smartphone, tablet or online, anytime, anywhere.

client-focused content

Client-Focused Content

Offer content just the way your customers like it – bite-sized, easy-to-digest demo and explainer videos, images, text and more.

responsive customer care

Responsive Customer Care

Offer customers prompt responses to all their questions with Kea, the AI-powered personal learning facilitator.

highly customizable learning platform

A Complete Brand Experience

Offer new customers a red carpet welcome that perfectly mirrors your brand with the highly customizable Kea platform.

analytics in learning platform

Build Long-Lasting Relationships

Use robust analytics to understand customer needs and align your onboarding process to demonstrate a client-centered approach.

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Gain an Edge with Kea

Ensuring consistent and meaningful training becomes crucial for an industry where technology changes rapidly. How do you ensure maximum learning benefits for teams that are often based across several locations, sometimes even different time zones?

customer training and learning
  • Manage all your customer onboarding efforts via a single, highly customizable and adaptable dashboard.
  • Kea can easily integrate with your existing LMS and is compatible with all content types, audio, video, text and images.
  • Analyze what customer onboarding content works and what doesn’t and improve your programs with robust analytics.
  • Ensure a continuing relationship with your customers, demonstrating your brand value and customer-centric approach.
  • Save on time, effort and monetary costs that would otherwise be required when employees are assigned to address client needs.
  • Gain goodwill and positive references from satisfied customers.
  • Demonstrate that your brand is progressive, making use of the latest technologies to make life easier for customers.
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Grab a chance to see LIVE demo of KEA!