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talent development solution to employees

Make Talent Development Efficient

Investing in employee development programs not only help you prepare the workforce for the future but also retain talent. With an AI-driven learning experience platform, you get to:


Sustainable Training

An agile training platform to create a workplace culture of learning and development without hurting productivity.


Employee Satisfaction

Win employee loyalty and satisfaction, show them you care about their skill growth with an AI-powered platform.


Stay Ahead of the Competition

Provide regular L&D opportunities to employees to keep their skills relevant to stay ahead of the competition.


Anytime, Anywhere Training

With Kea's talent development solutions, employees can learn anytime, anywhere, on the device of their choice.

Power Continued Learning with AI

Kea is an AI-driven employee training and development platform that offers rich tools to improve the effectiveness of training.

 interactive learning experience to employees

Engaging Content

With Kea, the AI-powered personal learning facilitator, each employee gets a personalized, interactive and engaging learning experience.

robust analytics for improved L&D

Robust Analytics

Improve L&D effectiveness with key analytics on what works, content consumption patterns, individual learning progress and more.

deploying training across devices

Multi-Device Access

Deploy training across roles and locations, on the device the employees prefer, with compatibility with the web, iOS, Android and Windows.

easy compliance with KEA's development solutions


Ensuring compliance becomes easy with the help of Kea's employee learning and development solutions with in-built certification support.

holistic learning opportunities for the staff

Holistic Training

Integrate interactive elements or combine social, formal and experimental training to provide holistic learning opportunities.

easy integration of content for learning

Quick and Simple

Easily integrate new content with existing ones, add interactive and gaming elements, update and modify modules and deploy instantly.

Take your talent development efforts to the next level
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Make employee learning and development efficient and engaging

Empower Your Business with Kea

Create and deploy high-impact staff training and development with a powerful, white-label, AI-powered learning experience platform.

workplace learning and development for employee retention
  • Create engaging learning experiences by easily integrating interactive elements in the content. Use videos, interactive infographics, puzzles, quizzes and much more.
  • Offer microlearning opportunities with bite-sized, easily digestible content nuggets in the form of videos, images, text and more to improve learning retention rates.
  • Offer tailormade learning experiences to your employees by understanding their learning patterns, preferred content types and more with customized analytics and reporting.
  • Ensure learning at the speed of business with an agile and flexible workplace learning and development that helps quick creation and deployment of training modules.
  • Make content easily discoverable with NLP for the auto generation of metatags and machine learning for relevant content recommendations, customized to the learner.
  • Provide on-demand information to empower employees and achieve better business outcomes, greater productivity and competency, and lower employee turnover.
Build the workforce of the future

Give your business an extra edge with Kea, the AI-powered employee development and training platform

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Our thoughts on AI and corporate learning

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Retaining Talent - A Guide to Nurturing the Gen Z Workforce

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  • The Gen Z Workforce
  • What Gen Z Wants
  • The Need for Continued Learning
  • How to Retain Talent?
  • Applying AI to Learning & Development

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