Ensure Agile Employee Onboarding

LXP you need to seamlessly onboard new employees, powered by artificial intelligence.

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onboarding new staff

Effective Learning from Day #1

The employee onboarding process influences employee engagement and retention. Make sure it is inspiring and engaging with Kea, the AI-powered learning experience platform.


Retain Talent

Efficient onboarding of new employees helps you in keeping the top talent in your company and maximizing profits.


Reduce Training Costs

Save time and money that would otherwise be spent on inefficient traditional staff onboarding systems.


Automated Tagging

Enhance discoverability with automated tagging suggestions for documents uploaded on Kea or created with authoring tools.


Enhanced Machine Learning

Automatic Q&A suggestions to train the Kea chatbot, along with the ability to add, edit and delete questions.

Leverage the Power of AI

Ensure standardized, comprehensive and agile training across roles and locations with Kea, the AI-driven employee onboarding software.

new hire training accessible from anywhere

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Allow new hires to access training at any time or place of their convenience, on their preferred device.

 analytics from employee onboarding software

Robust Analytics

Monitor and analyze training with detailed analytics from cutting-edge employee onboarding software.

microlearning for new hire onboarding

Ensure Quick Onboarding

Offer multiple content formats and microlearning for easy understanding and rapid new hire onboarding.

white-labeled HR onboarding software

Your Own Brand Experience

Use the white-labeled HR onboarding software to provide a complete brand experience right from Day #1.

employee retention with effective onboarding

Employee Retention

The first step to retention is effective onboarding. Make onboarding personalized and fun with Kea.

centralizing systems

Centralize Your Systems

Review learner performance, training effectiveness and impact on L&D strategy from a single dashboard.

Power employee onboarding with AI-driven HR onboarding software
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Assimilate new hires quickly and seamlessly

The Kea Advantage

Decrease time to productivity, enhance engagement, promote company culture and improve retention with an effective employee onboarding process, powered by AI.

online employee onboarding software
  • Make the experience rewarding from Day #1 with the help of customizable onboarding solutions.
  • Make training affordable by cutting down on hidden costs and inefficient onboarding of new hires.
  • Manage all onboarding efforts from a single, adaptable, flexible and customizable dashboard.
  • Benefit from powerful, customized analytics and reporting to fine tune your onboarding programs.
  • Make information easily discoverable and accessible on-demand to empower new hires.
  • Build the workforce of the future with the disruptive power of machine learning and AI.
Stand apart with Kea, the AI-powered staff onboarding system

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  • Applying AI to Learning & Development

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