Empower Your Sales Enablement Initiatives

Enhance sales performance and drive revenues with on-demand information on an AI-powered sales enablement platform.

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sales enablement platform

From Sales Training to Sales Enablement

Traditional sales training is a one-time process that leaves sales representatives underprepared to face customers. Kea takes sales enablement training to the next level.



Ensure agile, streamlined onboarding, across locations, while providing accurate and updated products/services information.


Presales Engagement

Give your sales teams the right communication tools for effective engagement of prospects and enhance conversion rates.


Post Sales Communication

Improve customer loyalty and retention with responsive after-sales support, including offering tips, updates and answers.


Continuous Training

Give your sales teams the best chance to stay ahead of today’s dynamic marketplace, with regular updates and refreshers.

Responsive Platform for Dynamic Training

With a white-label, adaptable and scalable AI-driven mobile sales enablement platform, you can empower your sales training to be as dynamic as the industry you operate in.

high engagement

High Engagement

With an AI-powered learning facilitator, each employee gets a completely personalized experience for optimal engagement.

multi device access

Multi-Device Access

Offer anytime, anywhere learning, on the device of the learner’s preference, including web, smartphones and tablets.

integrate existing content

Quick & Simple

Integrate existing content, create new content, add interactive elements, modify or update modules, quickly and easily.

custom analytics

Custom Analytics

Track and monitor trainee progress, content consumption, what works and what doesn’t, what customers need and much more.

agile training

Agile Training

Respond quickly to changing consumer needs and industry trends with an adaptable and flexible sales enablement platform.

compliance training

Ensure Compliance

Enable sales teams to deliver compliant messaging consistently with simultaneous, multi-location sales enablement training.

Empower your business with an interactive and engaging AI-based sales enablement platform
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Make your sales training smooth, seamless and on-time.

Boost Sales Performance with Kea

Are your sales reps wasting valuable time looking for or creating content that could convert a prospect into a customer? You need an AI-driven mobile sales enablement training platform.

customer training and learning
  • Make all types of content, from pitch decks to demo videos, manuals and more easily discoverable with the power of NLP and machine learning.
  • Recommend the most relevant content to individual sales reps, remind them to complete training modules and respond to their questions through the AI-powered learning facilitator.
  • Offer valuable resources for your sales teams, such as multimedia presentations, online videos and case studies, with quick and convenient creating, updating, modifying and distributing of all types of content formats.
  • Access robust analytics to identify which employees are making great learning progress, which content types are the most preferred and where knowledge gaps might exist.
  • Offer microlearning opportunities, such as bite-sized, easily digestible explainer videos, images, text and more, to ensure better understanding and retention of information.
Win new customers and retain existing ones

Talk to our experts to see how Kea, the AI-powered sales enablement training platform can give your business an extra edge.

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