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Employee Training: Overrated or the Key to Success?

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Sahil Bhushan

The 2019 Workforce Learning Report by LinkedIn found that 94% of employees would stay in their jobs if their company offered learning and development programs.

Companies that don’t invest in employee training are missing a key factor in employee success and satisfaction. A Gallup poll has shown that 21% of companies who invest in training are more profitable and create engaged teams that feel respected and valued.

The cost of effective training programs is a barrier. According to Training Magazine, companies spent $986 per trainee in 2018. This is down from 2017, when the cost per employee was about $1,886. Companies either don’t understand the benefit of training or can’t figure out how to make training effective.

With current methods of training, time can be more of a problem than money.

Consider key staff leaving their desks to attend a seminar or multi-day course. Often, employees don’t want to take the time, either. Taking time out of the workday eats into productivity and profits while asking employees to spend time outside of work hours to attend training can cause resentment.

There could be several reasons that makes training ineffective:

  • Informal training make it difficult to track effectiveness.
  • Non-responsive training methods make it impossible to correct and refine.
  • Inflexible training methods are not enough to address time and learners.

  • Correcting these issues is crucial to avoid underutilized training. These non-negotiable adjustments can make today’s training far more effective:

  • Perform a needs assessment and plan for the training employees require.
  • Implement at-use training, learning and development, and ongoing training.
  • Take advantage of technology, utilizing social media and eLearning.
  • Make learning part of the job, and account for different learning styles and pacing.

  • The right learning and development programs not only advance employees skills, they increase engagement in an organization. Many programs offer more of the “soft skills” training that employees need to become effective leaders. The 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report by Deloitte notes that learning and development is the main focus for organizations. The best way to keep employees engaged is to provide the right skill sets to succeed, information when and how employees need it, and to clearly invest in employees’ all-around growth.

    We are helping to enable this stupendous growth in digital learning and employee training with the help of our AI-based training platform KEA and further the cause of relevant, long-term and technology-based microlearning to its customers.


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