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How to Meet the Training Needs of Gen Z Employees

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Sonia Gupta

Each generation exists in a world that is slightly different from that of their predecessors, which makes them unique. For instance, Gen X is also known as “Gen Bust” because their birth rate was much lower than their previous generations, while Baby Boomers have the highest education level on average to date. The Silent Generation grew up in an era where a full meal was as good as a great Christmas present!

But the Millennials and Gen Z are generations that stand out much more than any other. The world has transformed like never before with the rapid technological advancements in the past few decades. 

Gen Z vs. Millennials: Use of Technology & Its Impact

The thing with technology is that it evolves at such a pace that even Millennials and Gen Zers are vastly different. Millennials (born between 1980 and 1994) spent time with no mobile technology or internet connectivity. Even those who had internet had to be content with extended dial-up versions until almost their teens! 

Gen Z (born between 1995 and 2012), which is rightly termed the digital native generation, has had easy access to iPads, smartphones, social media, and unlimited internet from the very beginning. They are the generation that grew up on streaming services, which brought an end to the once-beloved DVDs!

Research says that Gen Z loves the internet, leaving behind millennials in this aspect. On average, Millennials spend around 7.5 hours surfing the web each week, while Gen Z spends almost 10 hours surfing the internet. The generations differ when it comes to the choice of device as well. 

For Gen Z, around 15.4 hours are spent on mobile devices each week, which is the highest for any generation. Millennials, on the other hand, prefer computers, spending around 16.4 hours using them each week. 

What This Means for Companies

When it comes to the workplace, the most crucial thing for Gen Z employees is training and development. Many Gen Z employees believe that with the way technology is changing, their job might not be obsolete soon. So, the best way to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world is through continuous learning and development.

But like the statistics show, the use of technology is necessary for Generation Z, even for corporate training. The use of modern technology, such as advanced learning experience platforms, allows employers to provide training that suits the current employee’s needs and learning style. Some of the ways an advanced learning platform, such as KEA, can help are: 

Higher Engagement

It is common knowledge that our attention span has been slowly declining. Millennials’ average attention span was 12 seconds, while that of Gen Z is a mere 8 seconds. So, the traditional methods of training with instructors and slides aren’t beneficial anymore. A learning experience platform that easily integrates audio, video, infographics, and gaming elements can do the trick, making the entire corporate training experience much more fun and engaging for the modern employee.

Even studies have shown that learners’ cognitive engagement and emotional behavior improve with the inclusion of gaming in learning. These elements also make collaboration in education and training much more comfortable. In addition, with the help of multimedia and gaming elements, information can be broken down into small bite-sized chunks, allowing for micro-learning opportunities. Information in this format is much more engaging and easier to retain.

Self-Directed Learning

Independence and flexibility are some of the essential things that Millennials and Gen Z look for in corporate training. With a robust learning platform, such as KEA, they get just that. Employees can choose the time and place of their learning, allowing them to learn at their own pace, on the device of their preference. This not only gives them autonomy but also improves their learning progress. 

AI-Powered Training

KEA makes use of artificial learning to improve the learning process. Research shows that 77% of professionals believe that personalized learning enhances the training process. The robust analytics gathered with the help of AI can help organizations achieve just that. Also, with an AI-powered personal learning facilitator, the trainee has support at hand 24/7. They can get alerts, notifications, content recommendations, and even reminders to complete training modules. Machine learning helps the chatbot refine its responses, as the trainee uses the platform. This way, it can suggest individual learning paths that are best suited to each learner’s skill level and knowledge translating into better engagement and, therefore, better employee retention.

Its unique characteristics define each generation; for Gen Z, it is technology. Are you ready to harness the power of technology to optimize corporate training for your Generation Z employees? Contact us to know more!

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