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Revolutionizing Online Learning with a Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

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Harish Agarwal

Consider this all-too-familiar scenario: While commuting by train, an employee looks at the day’s schedule on her phone and grimaces. Her department meeting is that afternoon, but she hasn’t watched the required webinars yet. She decides to spend her lunchtime fast-forwarding through as much as she can on the company education site. Frustrated, she thinks, “I just wish I didn’t have to watch all those videos not related to my job!”

Now update the employee’s experience: *Ding* Employee looks at her phone and sees a notification. “Good morning! To continue improving your skill, click here to return to your training.” The employee thinks, “I have another 20 minutes on the train. That’s enough time to earn my next badge.” *Click* “Welcome back! Which learning do you want to pursue today?”

Learning Management System Versus Learning Experience Platform

The first scenario is common when dealing with a learning management system (LMS)—a static, closed education hub used by many corporations and educational institutions. Courses and training modules are chosen, curated, and assigned by an administrator based on company policy or government compliance. Updates are occasional. Buy-in and engagement on the part of the learner may be minimal.

The second scenario is driven by a learning experience platform (LXP)—a dynamic, personalized, learning environment in which the user decides what content to engage with. The content may be housed on a company site or could be found elsewhere on the Internet. Users can add useful links or create new content, which then becomes discoverable by anyone using the platform. Data collected about users’ interactions through the site can be used to make recommendations for further learning.

Enhancing Learning with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The technology driving this learning revolution is artificial intelligence (AI). KEA is all set to create an industry benchmark as a learning platform with the use of AI to provide a more personalized experience. KEA uses deep learning about users to predict their behavior, assess their learning needs, and return relevant content to them. This ensures maximum learner engagement, which translates to an increased understanding of the subject and better outcomes in the workplace.

KEA uses AI to align learning resources with each user’s skill set, aspirations, and life patterns.

  • It recommends resources based on what the user knows, what skills the user needs, and how the user learns.
  • It notifies the user of learning opportunities according to the user’s established schedule.
  • It takes user’s requests and preferences into account when suggesting relevant content.
  • It tailors content format (video, text, images) to what matches the user’s past experience.
  • It converts documents into trackable content so the user can demonstrate progress through a module.

KEA, a personal learning facilitator is a chatbot.  As a learning experience platform, KEA boasts essential back-end features:

  • Integrates with most LMSs so the organization’s accumulated knowledge resources can be accessed.
  • Captures users’ responses to predict their learning patterns and preferred content.
  • Uses natural language processing to tag resources for the user so content recommendations and search results will be optimal.
  • Employs user ratings to constantly improve content quality and relevance.

In the digital universe, learning can happen anywhere and can take many forms. An LXP such as KEA helps users discover learning opportunities, gives them control of their learning, and suggests ways to enhance their learning. It also encourages collaboration and sharing, helping to build community spirit and cooperation and to motivate users to acquire relevant skills and knowledge.

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