KEA– AI-Powered Custom Training Solutions for

Financial Services and FinTech

An ordinary eLearning LMS might not be sufficient for FinTech companies. KEA can help.

Overcome Challenges to Fintech & Financial Services Training with KEA

Keep your teams updated on the latest in the financial services industry, while ensuring regulatory compliance through microlearning. What about quick and seamless onboarding of new hires so that they hit the ground running?

You need a one-stop solution for eLearning for FinTech that offers:

Streamline cross-functional engagement with sales, development and implementations

Are your employees ready for regular compliance audits?

Can you ensure deployment of training at the speed of innovation?

Your customers are looking for advanced technology solutions. Is your staff ready?

Do you have a solution that can quickly onboard new hires and clients alike?

Can you offer a consistent brand experience across the board with your corporate finance training program?

Are your sales team able to access information on demand?

Does your training solution for fintech ensure employee engagement and retention?

Can your training track learning and identify potential leaders?

Meet KEA – The One-Stop AI-Powered Financial Training Solution

Design, create and deploy corporate finance training programs across locations, roles, departments quickly and easily with the highly personalized and customizable AI-powered learning experience platform, KEA.


Bite-sized, easily digestible content for better learning

Enhance Engagement

Offer personalized learning, based on skill sets, learning goals and pace

Highly Flexible

Easily transform existing content into courses with multimedia modules

Ultimate Customizability

Seamlessly integrate training solutions for fintech into standard LMSes

Assessment & Analytics

Streamline financial training solutions with regular learning analytics

Regulatory Compliance

Ease financial services compliance training and keep employees up-to-date

Make relevant content easily discoverable with NLP to auto-generate meta-tags and machine learning-based recommendations.

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