KEA– AI-Powered Customizable eLearning

Solution for Healthcare

An ordinary eLearning LMS might not be sufficient for healthcare companies. KEA can help.

Overcome the Unique Challenges of Training in Healthcare with KEA

KEA will handle all of the notifications, reminders, and content suggestions that are specific to your organization’s training, competency, and continuing education needs. Ensure consistency and completion of the modules that are assigned to all of your clinical and administrative staff across facilities.

How do you ensure engaging, cost-effective, and personalized training without overwhelming your team, and all in one place?

You need a one-stop solution for eLearning for healthcare that offers:

Self-paced training accessible anywhere and anytime

Analytics and reports for learners, admins, and team leaders

Adaptability to modify & update content quickly

Deployment across multiple locations and facilities

A better way to use all of your existing training material

Assess performance & knowledge of staff & faculty

Personalized and engaging training programs

Notifications and gamified recommendations

Meet KEA – The AI-Powered Healthcare LMS

KEA is a cutting-edge learning experience platform enabling organizations to increase learning outcomes for mandatory and recommended training to deliver a competent and enhanced patient experience.

Microlearning A Single Platform

Bite-sized, easily digestible content for better learning

Quick & Easy

Create, update and deploy learning programs quickly and conveniently

Highly Customizable

Convert your existing training resources, PowerPoints, PDFs, videos into courseware with a click of a button.

Dashboards & Analytics

Gain insight on performance, engagement, and course completions

Multi-Device Access

Courses are accessible on web or on mobile devices for learning any time

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance with healthcare regulations, policies and best practices

Make relevant content easily discoverable with NLP to auto-generate meta-tags and machine learning-based recommendations.

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Retaining Talent - A Guide to Nurturing the Gen Z Workforce

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